David Smallcombe, a self-employed, full-time artist has created handcrafted jewelry for over 36 years. The jewelry he designs is elegantly simple and refined. Graceful curves, smooth polished areas, and rich textures create a unique contrast and are harmoniously arranged. David’s award-winning jewelry consists of earrings, pendants and bracelets.

David’s jewelry is developed with a variety of metals including sterling silver, 14k gold bi-metal, 14k yellow gold filled, 14k rose gold filled, and niobium, as well as many combinations of these. His designs form some of the most beautiful and unique handcrafted jewelry available. David Smallcombe’s jewelry is a study in proportion, and an exploration of the division of space, while incorporating both symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. From drawings in a sketchbook, to finished artwork, he strives to refine and distill his ideas. The strong, simple and elegant compositions of this jewelry appeal to men and women alike. David is sure that you will be very happy with his art work. Check out the site and see why David Smallcombe, Jeweler continues to dedicate his time to creating these objects of beauty.