Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have different bracelet sizes?
Yes, we make 9 different standard sizes, and can make a bracelet to fit any wrist including children. The sizing along with information on fitting can be found in
the sizing button of the homepage and shop online.

What size bracelet should I order if I have a very small wrist?
The homepage and shop online both have information regarding
sizing. Equally as important is the Bracelet Fitting section that will help you
adjust it to fit your individual wrist.

Can I buy your jewelry online?
Yes, my website is shopping cart ready!

Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes, my website is a secure way to purchase my jewelry with a credit card.

Do you have have any specials or discounts?
My prices are already at a reduced artist direct price. On top of that I offer some quantity discounts. My current discounts are listed after you click the Shop Online button under the Specials/Discounts tab on the left side.

How long is the turn around time on orders?
Most orders if received by noon, ship out that day, and are delivered
within 2-3 business days anywhere in the country.

What are my options for shipping?
The shipping options are in “shop online” under the Shipping tab along the left side.